Project Description

Elizna Eksteen

Date Of Birth: 4 March 2010

Languages: English & Afrikaans


I’m Elizna Eksteen, I love ballet and acting.  I enjoy being with my family and love spending time with my BFFL’s (Best Friends for Life).  I love to keep active by playing tennis with my dad and brother and to take long walks with my dogs. In the summer, my favourite place is in the swimming pool.


The drama classes I attend is fun and take me to another world, I can also be anyone, anywhere!  

I’m currently a classical ballet student with the Première Dance Academy in Pretoria East and love every moment of it.  This keeps me fit and flexible throughout the year. I also have a weird talent, I can flex my nostrils bigger and smaller, I can also make funny faces.

My personality:

I’m joyful and enjoy a good laugh with my family and friends.  To achieve my goals, I’m always prepared to do the hard work, because I know, the reward is sweet. I love to take on challenges and the next big one is Grade 5.

My dreams:

I want to be the best me, that I can possible be!  

When I grow up, I want to be a professional dancer.  And maybe, just maybe, a kindergarten teacher.