Project Description

Ethan Oberholzer

Date Of Birth: 7 June 2011

Languages: English & Afrikaans


Ethan Oberholzer. I just love acting and meeting new people. My favourite sports is Karate Rugby and Tennis. I also do a bit of off road biking. What really makes me happy is time with family and friends.

My talents

I am in Grade 4 now and last year I received a total of 12 certificates for public speaking. Poetry and I also wrote a short story. I also play guitar.

My personality

Fun to be around always making something good of a bad situation. Iam also kind and loving well focused on what I want to achieve..

My dream.

I did some acting classes with a famous actor in South Africa and would like to do some work on stage theater and on TV. Lastly I would like to travel overseas to do acting work. When Iam old and grey I want to teach drama to children from small towns and stop Gangs in South Africa.