Project Description

Lutamo Muligwe

Date Of Birth: 29 March 2015

Languages: English

Character Experience
Lutamo is brave, always ready for a challenge and has a good memory

Performance, Talents and Skills
He is a fluent speaker and reader of English books and has gained recognition numerous times in his grade 1 class for that
Good with numbers, critical and logical thinking
Participates and excels in Chess as an extramural activity done at school
Skilled and active winger in the school soccer games where he plays in the A group
Can play the piano and continues taking lessons at NS Inspire Creativity.
Participates in a poetry and Bible verse recital at Glorious Gospel Christian Fellowship (GGCF) in a small group as the young youth
Good at singing

Reading and story telling
Playing various board games
Likes playing soccer and outdoor interactive games
Likes acting out various roles and playing dress up with the sibling
Enjoys trying out new recipes and cooking with his mommy