Project Description

Meaghan Bishop

Date Of Birth: 11 May 2003

Languages: English


My name is Meaghan Bishop and the main passion in my life would be acting.when I’m not eating, sleeping and breathing drama you will find me hanging out with friends or trying to go on spontaneous outings.

My talents

I am skilled in hockey and swimming.
All of the accents I can do are accurate and I do well in academics

My personality

The number one word that comes to mind is bubbly. I am a fun, happy girl who is not afraid to take on a challenge and cares deeply for the people I associate myself with. I tend to be a jokester but I know when things need to be serious.

My dream

To pursue acting to such an extent that I am able to change people’s lives through it.

It would be absolutely amazing if I end up famous and the world gets to meet me but if you love what you’re doing then nothing else matters.