Project Description

Michaela Dobson

Date Of Birth: 18 Nov 2004

Languages: English


I have a deep caring for the people close to me. I try each day to make people smile.
I’m not afraid of change its just a new adventure unfolding. One of my favorite things about meeting new people is finding the good in them. Overall I’m not perfect but each day I improve myself from the previous days mistakes Like Data from star trek would say, I” aspire to be better than I am now”

My talents

I do gymnastics and my best apparatus is “floor”.
I am good at painting, singing, acting, soccer, photography, and always open to learn more things.

What inspires me

I love everything in film and theatre.
I love the thought that when I act, I can make someone having a bad day smile.
I’m inspired by all the hard and beautiful work that goes into film and theatre just to give the world something to enjoy.
I’m inspire by the: producers, directors, screen writers, designers, art directors, costume and makeup designers, and actors etc. this is the only vocation that I could see myself truly enjoying.

What I want to be

I would love to perform in movies and theatre productions. I would also love to do directing and script writing. This might be hard to achieve but I am resolved to work hard and not give up.