Project Description

Mikayla Smit

Date Of Birth: 2 April 2009

Languages: English and Afrikaans


I’m Mikayla Smit  and since I could remember, I love to perform in front of people, whether it is drama, music, singing , or even performing under pressure during my Gymnastics competitions –  I absolutely love it…   

I’m friendly, energetic and an outgoing person, and love to try new things and challenges. 

My talents…

I’m in my school choir as well as our school drama club, and debate team, and does various Arts Festivals.  

I’m a level 6 gymnast and love to compete in competitions to put my hard work to the test.   I recently started with tumbling to advance my trampoline and gymnastics skills.  

I play piano and electronic keyboard.  

I’m top ten academic in my grade and my best and most fun subject is Maths. I’m very good at reading, and I have a great memory.

My personality…

I love to have a laugh with my friends and often get called the “crazy-one”, and one that often gets me in trouble in class is “chatter-box”.  I make friends outside of school easily, and always try to keep in contact with them.  I love to make Youtube videos and play online games with my friends.

I like to water ski during holidays, J-boarding and roller blading with my friends.

I’m a very caring and fair person and don’t like it when people are treated unfairly.

My dream…

My dreams changes quite often, as I’m still finding myself in the world, and discovering new things.  So…, I wanted to become a Vet, then it changed to a Doctor, then it changed to a Singer and Vocalist, then a Journalist…  And the one that stayed for longest, is becoming a famous Actress.

For the longest I wanted to travel the world!  And it might be possible in a few year’s time to do my firsts trip, as I’m saving up to go visit my friend that moved to Portugal.