Project Description

Oarabile Bugatsu

Date Of Birth: 19/03/2012

Languages: English

Introducing Oarabile Bogatsu

I’m Oarabile Bogatsu and perfoming is my passion. I recently obtained Grade 2 performing text certificate with Merit from Trinity College London.  I enjoy reading story books, playing soccer and gaming. I mostly enjoy imitating characters in a story because that gives me an opportunity to portray different characters.

My talents

I am a good storyteller and I love Mathematics. I also got the Math Olympiad certificate in 2019. I am also good in gaming. I am very curious and have good debating and reasoning skills. 

My personality

I love talking a lot and enjoy being happy all the time. I also like making other people feel loved and be happy. Most importantly, I love giving to the less privileged. Every year I donate my clothes and toys to other kids from the disadvantaged families. At school I enjoy being a class leader and helping my teacher with preparing for the class.

My dream

My dream is to become the best performer, on and off stage. I also want to be a great soccer player one day.