Project Description

Oatisitse Manganye

Date Of Birth: 11 January 2009

Languages: English & Afrikaans & Sepedi


Oati Manganye loves singing, dancing and she is very passionate about acting. Oati enjoys going on  holiday with family, playing netball, hockey and swimming. Oati is a hard working grade 6 and music and  acting keeps her going in life and motivates her to excel in all that she does.  

Who you are and what you enjoy? 

Oati is in the school netball A team, plays piano, choir and takes drama classes and mostly takes the lead  in singing roles. Oati has won the Talent Africa singing competition and was selected to represent South  Africa at America and Asia.  

My personality: 

Oati is bubbly, has a strong character, vocal and an extrovert, she enjoys time with her friends and  classmates also playing dolls with her younger sister. Loves making jokes and taking lead in activities  amongst her peers. 

My Dream: 

To be an actor at Hollywood, appear on big stages, present a children’s show, Participate in International  singing competitions. Oati wants to be a Pediatrician when she grows up.