Project Description

Qeera Smith

Date Of Birth: 18 July 2008

Languages: English


I am Qeera Smith and I love to help people that are in need. I love spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy playing Hockey and Basketball. Doing sports really makes me feel positive and energized. I make friends easily and I am open to new experiences and willing to take on any challenge that enhances my personality and character.

My Talents…

I love doing art and playing the piano as a hobby. I am currently doing Royal Academy of Music. I love to Act and practice my karate. My passion is swimming, currently I am advancing in Swimming Squad Training. I enjoy baking with my dad and recently I learned to Surf with my uncle.

My Personality… 

I love to spend quality time with family and friend as often as I can. I am a deep thinker and promote all things being FAIR. I often intervene in class to ensure fairness, in challenging situations, and recently I’ve been asked to join the School’s Debating Team. However, I like having fun and I am now learning how to skateboard. But I’ve prioritized surfing for when I’m at the coast visiting our relatives. All of these activities expose me to my inner passion – meeting more people and learning more about the colourful personalities of the people around me.

My Dream…

To become a Human Rights Advocate. 

For now, I will focus positive efforts to being an activist to change perception of Muslims and to raise awareness for civil rights especially highlighting the often occurrence of Gender Based Violence and Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matters.