Project Description

Reaoleboga Moeletsi

Date Of Birth: 22 January 2010

Languages: English & Afrikaans & Sesotho & Setswana & Zulu & Mandarin


My name is Reaoleboga Moeletsi

I love performing and entertaining people. I started performing at a very young age when I was 4 years old, I got the main role in my pre-school play. Every year after that, I have either gotten the lead role, narrated the school play or been the school event programme director.

I’ve also performed in a concert for the University of Pretoria Junior Orchestra as a violinist. I am multi-talented – I can act, sing, rap and write music. I also write poetry. I enjoy swimming, taking long walks with my sister and camping.

One of my weird traits is being able to do funny dances with my tongue. People who know me say that I have a really great personality. I am a bubbly, energetic, funny, smart, loveable, interesting person. In a group, I am that person that will cheer you up no matter how bad things are.  I’m known as QUEEN OF THE HIVE (aka leader of the group).