Project Description

Sasekani Mukhawana

Date Of Birth: 19 April 2016

Languages: English


  • I’m Sasekani Mukhawana, but you can call me Sasi.
  • I love to have fun jumping, swinging, playing dress-up, and playing with my dolls. 
  • I’m energetic and playful, and I love to imitate Peppa Pig story lines.

My Talents…

  • I love dancing and I’m currently learning ballet at school.
  • I can strike any kind of pose for the photos.
  • I love acting and singing. 
  • I’m always trying our new things I see on tv and movies, and I keep trying until I get it right.

My Personality…

  • I’m outspoken and ask a lot of questions.
  • My parents say I have answers for everything. 
  • I am a bit reserved when you first meet me, but after few minutes I will open up to you and we can become best friends. 

My Dream…

  • My dream is to be a butterfly because I love to fly, but mommy says I can be a pilot and fly a plane because people don’t fly.
  • I also want to be on tv, I love watching tv ads by other  kids and I’m always acting them out.