Project Description

Stef Pretorius

Date Of Birth: 12 December 2007

Languages: English and Afrikaans


Hi, I’m Stef Pretorius and acting is more than just a talent…for me its also a passion. Its a way to escape from everything going on in the world. My passion started at a very young age, it was all that I wanted to do. I enjoy baking, listening to music, and especially going to the cinema with family and friends. It motivates me to follow my dreams and makes me truly happy.

 My talents…

I like to think I can sing a little bit I would love to learn how to play the piano, but for now I’m in a drama club where my acting talent really flourishes. I can draw & sketch and love to explore my culinary skills. To be honest I’m m also a really fast learner.

My personality…

I can be the most funny person alive, but at the same time so serious that it doesn’t even make sense! I do talk allot but know when it’s appropriate. I may come across shy but when I first get comfortable I’m the life of the party.

My dream…

  • My dream is to one day be a director or actor for a big studio, like Disney.
  • I plan to study and live in America whilst acting, directing or even produce movies!
  • To go to a red carpet event or a live movie set would mean I’m living my dream.