Project Description

Thapelo Machebe

Date Of Birth: 05/06/2005

Languages: English

Introducing Thapelo Machebe

Hi, I’m Thapelo machebe. I have a passion of acting, rapping, dancing and wrestling.
I like gping out, watching movies especially because I see myself on the big screen one day. I am a fun loving person and enjoy acting goofy around my friends. I find joy in entertaining people. I also love motivating people and inspiring them not to be afraid of being themselves.

My talents

  • I can sing, I rap, I am a good dancer, I write music and I am good in acting. I am very good with drawing.
  • I am in an acting school, and starting to learn playing musical instruments soon.
  • I can also lick my nose, and push my bottom jaw more forward than most people can.
  • I am a motivational speaker and good in martial arts

My personality

Although I’m introverted, I know how to blend with everyone regardless of how comfortable or how uncomfortable I am with them. Im also very patient, very brave, strong, fearless, matured and  also adventurous. I love going out with my friends and also like exercising. I’m also an emotional guy, and love comforting those who are feeling down, and I’m also a bit too generous with people.

My dream.

To be on tv obviously, to be an international movie star. I also dram to be a WWE wrestler, to be an awesome artist like Nasty C (possibly even better), to be a dancer. I also aspire to own a business one day and motivate people like Steve Harvey.