Project Description

Viggo Rozenkrantz

Date Of Birth: 18 July 2017

Languages: English & Afrikaans


Hi! I am Viggo-Luc, but everyone just calls me Viggo! I have a huge heart and personality, that wants to engage with people wherever I can. If I am shy, well, no one knows it, and neither do I. I live my life fully every day and see where and what I can do to make life interesting for myself AND those around me.

My talents

My talents are lighting up peoples lives, making sure they know I am in the area (I just love it!), and playing golf as I’m a Pro, and playing with anything that has the word BALL or CAR in it. Let’s just say… I am superiorly talented at being a boy!

My personality

Whoa, am I going to blow you away! I am outspoken, soft hearted and brave. I love engaging with people, young and old. My family and friends know me as the easy-going chap, that makes life interesting and delightful. Bringing smiles delights me endlessly!

My dreams

My dreams are as high as the sky… I want to be the famous Pro Golfer that I am, I want to make it BIG in life and be a ground-breaking GOOD PERSON to those around me. And maybe, if the TV industry can be as lucky, I’ll be famous there too!