A brand new year has arrived and its’ time to decide what activities will suitably enhance your child’s skills, build their communication and confidence, as well as keep them entertained. With Drama Dynamics Speech and Drama Classes, children will learn the art of characterisation, physical performance, take part in movement activities, learn directing skills and experience loads of fun exploring their creativity.

Melissa Carreira, director at Drama Dynamics says children are taught how to act out fun skits, mime, act for comedy and improv game skills. Believing that dramatic arts education is an important means of stimulating creativity in problem solving to challenge children’s perceptions about their world and about themselves and lessons are practical and skills-based, with some theory covered.

“We offer Private Performance Lessons throughout the year to boost children’s acting, communication and confidence skills individually, as well as assist with Eisteddfod and audition pieces. In February, kids are given the opportunity to take part in the Provincial championships as well as the National championships in April, and receive their Provincial Colours in Acting. The annual Comedy Club in May (TBC), a hands-on workshop teaches children practical comedy acting skills, and the Easter Holiday Club, a colourful acting workshop, filled with fun acting and improv activities, will keep the children entertained during the school holidays,” she says.

In June, the team at Drama Dynamics will hold the Winter Holiday Club, an energetic drama workshop that will warm away any child’s winter blues and in August, children will enjoy the Acting for Film Workshop. She says at this workshop they will learn the skills essential when performing in front of a camera.

“The very exciting Halloween Holiday Club, an acting workshop held in September, gives kiddies the chance for some dramatic monster fun during the school holidays in preparation for Halloween. In October, learners will showcase acting skills and pieces written and performed by themselves at the spectacular annual Drama Dynamics Showcase.

According to this director, at the centre of all drama is communication and drama provides training in practical aspects of communication necessary in today’s increasingly information-centred world. She says learners who have participated in dramatic activities are less likely to have difficulty speaking in public, more persuasive in their communications and should be better able to empathise and relate to others, due to the focus on group dynamics during weekly group lessons.

“Dramatic exploration provides children with an outlet for emotions, thoughts and dreams they might not otherwise have means to express. It requires self-control and discipline that serves a child well in all aspects of life helping to build a more positive, confident self-image. At Drama Dynamics children will receive specialised attention as they participate in practical, full of energy, hands on acting classes that excite and delight,” says Melissa.

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