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Scripts for Sale!

Custom Written Monologues And Short Plays

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“YOU DID IT” by Drama Dynamics

A Murder Mystery

Pages: 4

For kids 10-18yrs

Synopsis: This is a story about a hotel murder mystery, where a man is killed once, but murdered three times. You did it, but we are about to find out who did it.

Price: R250



NARRATOR (optional)

MANAGER (of Hotel)

GUEST (Wife)

HUE (gardener)



Hotel Reception; enter NARRATOR

NARRATOR:    Isn’t this hotel of mine lovely, everything seems to be in place, but look carefully. This is a story about a hotel murder mystery, where a man is killed once, but murdered three times. You did it, but we are about to find out who did it.


 MANAGER:    Hue, where are the flowers?

Enter HUE.

HUE:               You called for me sir?

MANAGER:    Yes, where are the roses I asked you to pick yesterday? This place looks dreary. You’re my hotel gardener, it’s your responsibility.

 HUE:               My apologies, but it seems someone has ruined the vines on the side of the hotel. I think it must have been a…

Enter GUEST screaming.


GUEST:           My husband, he is finally, uh I mean… he’s… he’s dead!

MANAGER:    Hue, call the police and call me an ambulance.

HUE:               You’re an ambulance.

MANAGER:    No, Hue… call an ambulance.

GUEST:           Me? Why don’t you ask him?

MANAGER:    Yes, not you, (pointing at Hue) Hue!

GUEST:           I don’t care who, just do something.


“OLD AGE HOME” by Drama Dynamics

A Comedy

Pages: 3

For kids 10-18yrs

Synopsis: “When a sly man tries his luck at tricking granny into falling for him, in order to get her money, he is soon caught out”

Price: R250

Characters (5)






GRAN:                  Hello my dear child. Are you here to hear my wishes for when I’m gone? Come sit here and let me tell you my dear.

CHILD:                   Hello granny Esmerelda, how are you? Wait a minute, why are your ears so big grandma?

GRAN:                  All the better to hear you with, my darling.

CHILD:                   And why are your eyes so big grandma, are they ok?

GRAN:                  My dear darling, all those stories you’ve heard about the little red riding hood and what what what, they aren’t true. I’m not the big bad pig.

CHILD:                   Well granny, it’s actually the big bad wolf. But anyways, you were saying something about your wishes, you know, when you’re gone…


(Enter JAMES)


JAMES:                 Granny, so good to see you, sorry I’m late.

CHILD:                   (sarcastic) Great timing brother!


“LOVE AT FIRST SEA” by Drama Dynamics

A Comedy

Pages: 4

Characters: 5

For kids 10-18yrs

Synopsis: “A brilliantly written comedy with a range of interesting characters, two of which find love on an eventful day at the beach”

Price: R250







Enter Petunia.

PETUNIA:         I chose the worst day to come to the beach! Ah this wind, my hair’s going to get so much sand in it… and it’s so rough and dirty! Great, no sun, how did i ever think I would get a tan? I just burn anyway.

Ah I’m not swimming in that water, it looks far too cold… well at least it’s quiet. (Puts earphones on).


Enter ROSE looking around.

Enter CLOE.

CLOE:              Oh there you are Rose! I just saw the most handsome, hot, gorgeous guy in the whole world!

ROSE:              Calm down Cloe. He’s just a guy, a really hot guy… but just a guy nonetheless. With really buff arms and a cute smile…

CLOE:              So you saw him too?

PETUNIA:         Can you two keep quiet? Is that so hard to do? Some people are trying to enjoy a quiet day on the beach! Well, uh… that what my dad would say. Because he’s old… yeah… he is old, not me… I’m young. Young and vibrant and yes I enjoy the occasional wild game of bridge every no and again…

Enter CHAD.

CLOE:              Oh wow! That’s him! He’s absolutely gorgeous, look at those pecks, that jawbone, he’s perfect!

Enter SVETLANA with map and camera.


ROSE:              Careful around that grumpy lady. She just spent an hour telling us to keep quiet… and about how old, I mean not old she is.

PETUNIA:         I can hear you…

SVETLANA:      Excuse me strong lifeguard man. My name is Svetlana. I am Switzerland. You please help me for finding me way?

CHAD:              Sure thing lil’lady. (Flexing in different directions) You can go that way or that way, or you can stay right here.



“Mc Donalds” by Drama Dynamics

A Comedy

Pages: 4

Characters: 5

For kids 10-18yrs

Synopsis: “A hilarious comedy with a range of interesting characters held up at a McDonalds”

Price: R250

Characters (5)







CASHIER:             Hi honey, how can I help you?

CUSTOMER:       Hi maám, I would like a small cheese burger, small chips and a coke.

CASHIER:             Coming right up.

PIET:                      Where are my burger? I’m been waiting for a long time now.

CASHIER:             Tsepo!

CHEF:                    Your burger is almost done. I just have to fry the patty and put it together, then it’s done.

PIET:                      So you haven’t started?

CASHIER:             Oh sir, I am so sorry.

CUSTOMER:       Please hurry up, I have a flight leaving shortly.

CASHIER:             Tsepo, you need to get a move on please.

CHEF:                    I am doing the best I can. The stove isn’t working.

CASHIER:             Tsepo, we fixed it yesterday.

CHEF:                    Nope it’s broken.

CHASHIER:          Is it switched on at the wall?

CHEF:                    Eish.


“The Steak House” by Drama Dynamics

A Comedy

Pages: 6

Characters: 5

For kids 10-18yrs

Synopsis: “An excellently written comedy with a very creative story-line about a strange steakhouse”

Price: R250

Characters (5):


Cheléna (waitress)

Caelan (customer)

Katelyn (customer)

Josh (manager)

Nesia (customer)

Cheléna:              Hello and welcome to the steak house. My name is Cheléna and I will be your waitress tonight, may I

take your order?

Caelan:               Hi, um can we get some menus please.

Cheléna:              Oh I am so sorry. We don’t have menus here at the steak house.

Katelyn:               You don’t have menus? What kind of restaurant is this?

Caelan:                                 It’s a menu-less restaurant.

Katelyn:               Ok, we’ll have two salads please.

Cheléna:              Oh no, we don’t make salad, or anything with vegetables. We only serve meat and dessert.

Caelan:                Then I think we should go because we are on a diet. Let’s go.

Katelyn:               I agree!

Cheléna:              Oh no you don’t (push customers down on seats)

Caelan:                  What on earth!

Cheléna:              You will eat our food!

Katelyn:               Help!

(Josh enters)

Josh:                      What is going on here?


“THE SHOW MUST GO ON” by Drama Dynamics

A Contemporary Play

Pages: 2

Characters: 6

For kids 10-18yrs

Synopsis: “A short play about what happens behind the scenes when actors through tantrums and won’t perform but the show must go on

Price: R250

Characters (6):

Actor 1

Actor 2

Sound & Lighting Technician Nancy

Makeup Artist

Script Writer


Backstage; a few minutes before show time.


Actor 1:        Are you ready for the show tonight?

Actor 2:       Ready as I’ll ever be.

Actor 1:        Just don’t mess this up for both of us.

Actor 2:       I’ll try my best.

Enter Makeup Artist.


Actor 1:        Finally, you’re here.

Makeup Artist: Hi guys, sorry I’m late… Are you looking forward to your opening night?

Actor 2:       Yes, but I didn’t sleep much last night, I hope you can do something about my makeup today.

Makeup Artist: Of course!