Child details:

Parent details:

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Terms and Conditions:

I hereby declare that my child is enrolled with The Drama Dynamics Agency; and will adhere to the terms our this agreement for 1 year from the date of this registration.

Renewel of registration will be done on an annual basis; any work acquired within this year that may exceed the year will remain under the terms of this agreement until such work is complete.

I agree that The Drama Dynamics Agency is my child's sole agent and will therefore not share any communications between us with anyone including but not limited to friends, family and/or other drama schools or agencies.

I will not hold Drama Dynamics, The Drama Dynamics Agency or Melissa Carreira responsible for any injury or loss sustained as a result of participating in any relate activities, auditions, shoots or making use of the amenities provided.

I have read and understand the "Auditions Process" document.

I understand that, should my child have a photo shoot done with the agency, a R550 non-refunable fee is payable.

If not doing the agency photo shoot, I will submit 2 photos (one head shot and one full length photo) that are up to industry standards, to the agency immediately. I understand that this is not the best option since these will NOT be uploaded to the agency website and are merely for the agency's reference.

Banking details - EFT only (no cash deposits)
Account Name:  The Drama Dynamics Agency
FNB Account Number: 62860926842
Reference: Child's name and Surname

I agree that The Drama Dynamics Agency will retain their 20% agents fee on any work done before payment is made.

I understand that photos / videos may be shared on social media.

I have read, understand and agree to that Drama Dynamics does not guarantee work but we will send you as many casting briefs as possible.

Please be aware that registering with any agency does not mean that your child will automatically be cast.

If your child attends a casting or sends in a self-tape and gets the part they are auditioning for, Drama Dynamics will be notified by the production house / casting agent and we will in turn notify you.

You will then sign a contract/indemnity with the production house (you’re welcome to request from us to send you an example of what these contracts look like)

Drama Dynamics will pay salaries at the end of each month after completion of the job and once the client has paid us. Remember that a 20% agent’s fee will be deducted.